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*Free training offered on any AED or AED package at one of over 60 classrooms across MN, PA, & FL.

Featured AED

HeartSine Samaritan
AED 350P

Package Includes:
Training Vouchers 
Delivery Cabinet Sign

This is a great all-around AED that is perfect for many environments including warehouses, corporate offices, hotels, retail stores,  churches, and more.  This unit comes with a standard 8 year warranty.

Why Buy?  It is one of our lightest and least expensive AEDs.  It has a long 8 year manufacture warranty.   Audio and visual prompts guide the user step-by-step through the rescue process.

  • Lightweight
  • Low cost
  • 8 year warranty

Zoll AED Plus

Package Includes:
Training Vouchers 
Delivery Cabinet Sign

This is our most popular full featured AED that includes real-time CPR feedback and is great for most any environments including warehouses, corporate offices, hotels, retail stores,  churches, and more.  It is easy to use with a well thought out design plus it has long term cost savings that many other AEDs cant match, complete with a 7 year warranty.

Why Buy?  CPR coaching AND feedback, single-
piece electrode pad with five year shelf-life,
batteries are more affordable, extremely water resistant.

  • Exclusive Real-time CPR Feedback
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • One-piece CPR-D Padz are easy to use

Buying an AED can be a big investment and the amount of choices can be intimidating. Here are some things to consider:

  • All standard AEDs perform the same basic functionality. In other words, they will all analyze heart rhythm and deliver a shock if necessary to help reset the heart.
  • Most have available, for an extra fee, pads that will work on children.
  • Consider your long term cost on pads and batteries.
  • It is usually best to stay with well known manufactures and models.  Look for our Top Seller seal on select models.
  • We recommend in investing into classroom training at a minimum of 5 to 10% of your workforce on how to use your AED and perform effective CPR. We offer classes in MN, PA, and FL and offer free training for 2 individuals with every AED purchase. In many states, training is legally required.
  • Be sure to appoint a small group at your site to do monthly inspections. Their inspections should be noted in a log book kept with the unit.
  • Consider reading this article: ‘The importance of owning an AED’

CPR Product Terms Defined

CPR Coaching

Performing CPR goes hand in hand with using an AED. Many AEDs will tell you when it is time to start performing CPR on a victim. The level of CPR support your AED offers depends on the AED.

Responsive CPR Coaching on an AED is the easiest and best choice and will give you real-time AED feedback on how well you are performing CPR. This is very important, as effective CPR can make a huge difference in a successful save. If you are not pressing hard enough, unit will instruct you to press harder, if not fast enough, it will tell you to do compressions faster, etc.

Passive CPR Coaching will give you audio / and maybe even visual cue’s but doesn’t have any way to measure your effectiveness on CPR compression’s.

None offered. There is no CPR support given.

Ingess protection

This rating is based on water and dust protection. The first number/digit indicates the level of protection from dust or other matter.  The second number/digit represents the protection from water.  The higher the number, the greater the resistance.  See wikipedia

Fully Automatic Option

*Purchasing an AED unit or AED package includes free training vouchers allowing two people to attend an In-Pulse CPR training class.  There are over 40 classrooms available across Minnesota, Pennsylvania, & Florida.  These classes instruct you on how to effectively perform CPR and instruction on how to use an AED.   Orders shipped outside these three states will not include any training vouchers.  We recommend training for anyone purchasing an AED.

As a trusted name for CPR certification and first aid courses in Florida, Pennsylvania and Minnesota for over 10 years,

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